JBDSJBoss Development Studio (computer programming)
JBDSJournal of the British Dragonfly Society
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The JBD present on the SNARE proteins and the region of JNK1 contacting the JIP peptide was used to drive the docking simulation performed with HADDOCK 2.2 software [49].
We have demonstrated that Syntaxin-1 and Syntaxin-2 share around 64% of sequence identity and there is only one JBD motif fully conserved in both isoforms, while we found only one complete JBD motif into the Snap25 sequence.
Caption: Figure 3: JBD is crucial for SNARE interaction with JNK.
Each Nimitz-class aircraft carrier has a JBD for each of its four catapults.
"We've learned a lot and our technical capabilities have expanded immensely since the original JBD testing for the F/A-18 about ten years ago," said Kathy Donnelly, senior executive for aircraft launch, recovery and support equipment engineering at Lakehurst.
With greater technical capabilities today, the single aircraft JBD testing will be repeated with an F/A-18 to collect the same data.
Future carrier suitability testing is scheduled for later this summer, including JBD testing with two aircraft, catapult launches and arrestments in preparation for initial ship trials in 2013.
"The JBD modules are spraying salt water all over the aircraft," explains the bos'n.
JBD modules are procured by the supply system and kept in storage for normal use and replenishment.
For a JBD module, the COSAL is approximately 60 modules or approximately 40 percent of all installed modules--a relatively large amount when compared to the design life expectancy of a module, which is five years.