JBERJoint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (US Air Force; Anchorage, AK)
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The primary goal of this initial phase is to adequately understand the potential economic impacts associated with the personnel reduction at JBER by performing an in-depth assessment, including GIS mapping of housing impacts and other direct and ancillary impacts as applicable.
Within hours the excess fluoride was detected by the operator in charge at the WTP and immediate action was taken to notify JBER residents of the issue while activating a response team effort to flush the water distribution mains and individual services.
Lockhart became a conservation agent a year after he arrived at JBER primarily because he hopes to be a game warden after he retires from the Air Force.
Jennifer, Gage's mother, is a mortgage specialist and his father, Tobias Adam, is a Senior Master Sergeant Deputy Fire Chief with the 673rd Civil Engineer Squadron at JBER.
Robert Davis, former commander of the 525th Fighter Squadron at JBER and current Air War College student, who played an integral role in making this concept a reality for the F-22s.
The partnership between the Municipality of Anchorage, Doyon Utilities, and JBER shows the methane-to-energy program can be an economic boon to all groups involved.
South of Eielson is JBER with another 10,000-feet runway as well as the 11th RCC.
All of the jet fuel used on JBER comes through the Port of Anchorage.
Chenega Corporation: Chenega Corporation co-sponsored three golf-tournaments across the United States, including AUSA Last Frontier Chapter at JBER, collectively raising $97,000 for soldiers, military families, and the Wounded Warrior Program.
It supplies all of the fuel for JBER and also sends fuel to the international airport.