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Since 2000, prolific author appearances in the JBFA, the JPM, and the JBF have all declined by slightly more than the average across all 23 journals.
When prolific authors are defined as those individuals with five or more appearances in the five elite journals (Panel C), the decline in prolific author content in the pre-1990 second tier journals is more pronounced, with six journals displaying visible downward trends in such content: FR, JBFA, JPM, JBF, JFR, and JFU.
For example, in my study, I do not include some or all of the cites in other finance journals such as FAJ, JFSR, JFR, JBFA, FR, Journal of Real Estate Research (JRER), and Journal of Financial Markets (JFINMKT) because they are either not fully covered or covered at all by the SSCI during my sample period.