JBHMJohnson Bailey Henderson McNeel (architectural firm; Tupelo, MS)
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Located in Jackson, Mississippi, JBHM seeks to assist schools in developing their professional capacities and culture in order to sustain continuous improvement in student learning.
Mike Walters founded JBHM to improve the learning experience for kids in failing schools.
The combination of Editure PD and JBHM will enable us to support state, district and school initiatives to effectively foster these types of environments.
My dream for JBHM has always been to take the work we've done so well in our core states to a national scale," said Dr.
Software should be intelligent enough to take a lot of the redundant, mindless tasks out of your workflow, and let you worry about the important things," said Richard McNeel, AIA, vice president of JBHM.
With multiple offices in Mississippi and Tennessee, JBHM is known primarily for its K-12, university, and corporate training educational projects, although its design portfolio also includes an array of industrial, hospitality, healthcare, justice, housing, sports and recreation, and religious facilities.
In addition, the firm has an entire division, the JBHM Facility Resource Group, devoted to facilities management, and sees building information modeling as a way to enhance those services.
In February 2003, JBHM completed its first project with the Revit building information modeler, a local medical clinic in Macon, Mississippi.
In addition to its own Autodesk Revit implementation, JBHM also participated in the Revit Invest in Education Program, a software-granting program aimed at connecting commercial customers with local education customers.