JBPDSJoint Biological Point Detection System
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JBPDS provides automatic detection and identification of airborne biological agents at very low levels, triggering local and remote warning systems and communicating threat information over standard communication systems.
Under the order announced on Wednesday, Harris will provide Falcon II 400-watt AN/PRC-150(C) HF systems to JBPDS, which is designed and deployed to detect and identify biological warfare agents.
Current versions of JBPDS will identify 10 biological warfare agents simultaneously in less than 20 minutes.
JBPDS can operate remotely up to five kilometers by either hardwire or radio modem.
The Pentagon also plans to continue purchasing the Joint Biological Point Detection System (JBPDS), which can detect biological threats from 20 meters away, and can identify biological weapons agents within 15 minutes after the initial detection, she said.
If you're not going to be using JBPDS for a while, put the stack covers on.
It is called the Joint Biological Point Detection System (JBPDS).
"It is a military designed and tested equipment, cheaper and easier to maintain." Each JBPDS system costs about $500,000.
The Defense Department so far has ordered 25 JBPDS units, which will be tested extensively, before any more systems are purchased.
According to the chemical-biological annual report, the JBPDS common biological detection suite will consist of four functions: trigger--which detects in real time a significant change in the ambient aerosol; collection--which gathers samples of the suspect aerosol to be analyzed by the JBPDS and to confirm analyses; detection--which is able to broadly categorize the contents of the aerosol and lend confidence to the detection process; and identification--which provides presumptive identification of the suspect biological weapon agent and increases the confidence in the detection process.
According to the report, the JBPDS program will undergo block upgrades over time, so the system can be fielded as soon as possible, while taking advantage of advances in the biological detection/identification, information processing and engineering sciences.