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JBQJewish Bible Quarterly (Jewish Bible Association; Jerusalem, Israel)
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Tambien vease Bakkon, S., <<Habakkuk: From Perplexity to Faith>>, JBQ 39 (2011) 25-30.
JBQ, in turn, filed an answer and counterclaim, while simultaneously pursuing what it deemed to be its contractual right to deregister the aircraft in Peru.
JBQ, in turn, successfully challenged the magistrate's report and recommendation and filed its own motion for mandatory injunctive relief, based on evidence it had received that 1) the aircraft was being used in a manner contrary to its operations and design limitations (e.g., although it was only configured to transport a total of 51 passengers, Imperial routinely used the aircraft to carry as many as 71 passengers); 2) Imperial was not maintaining the aircraft in accordance with the terms of the lease agreement; 3) Imperial was scavenging parts from the aircraft and using them on other aircraft; and 4) Imperial was failing to make rent and other payments due under the lease and failing to replenish letters of credit that were to serve as security under the lease.
Even more disturbingly, JBQ presented the sworn testimony of Imperial's chief pilot, who testified that Imperial's maintenance and upkeep of the aircraft was so poor that he was concerned for the safety of his passengers and himself.
(11.) See, e.g., Shubert Spero, "The Akedah: Machloket L'Shem Shamayim," JBQ January 2000, and the response of Berel Dov Lerner, "The Akedah: Machloket L'Shem Shamayim Sofa L'Hitkayem," JBQ April/June 2001.
(37) My follow-up article in the next issue of the JBQ will show how these tactics were adopted before the walls of Jerusalem.
The winner of that contest was Eve Eichenholtz and her article, "The Nature of Kinat David: Public or Private?" was published in volume 31:2 of the JBQ, back in 2003.
Also on that website there is a complete list and a scanned formatted copy of every article published in the JBQ since its very first issue more than forty years ago.
'An Anniversary Celebration': editorial marking the JBQ's 40th year of publication, The Jewish Bible Quarterly, 40:1 (January-March 2012).
A recent issue of the JBQ contained an article by Shaul Bar entitled "The Curse of Death in War" (Jewish Bible Quarterly 2012; 40:231-237).
In a recent issue of the JBQ, Nathan Stein suggests an emendation of the hapax legomenon keseh (Ps.
In the recent issue of JBQ, Min Suc Kee suggests that the meaning of mayim is "closely associated with its original meaning as a pair" (Min Suc Kee, "A Study on the Dual Form of Mayim, Water," JBQ 40:3 (2012), p.