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JCAHOJoint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
JCAHOJoint Commission on Accreditation of Hospital Organizations
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These new JCAHO standards are divided into eight areas as summarized, paraphrased and quoted below.
Creating problems as part of the "solution": The JCAHO sentinel event policy, legal issues, and patient safety.
Many spiritual assessments are readily available; however, there is a JCAHO template useful to anyone desiring to create their own tool (Hodge, 2006).
The JCAHO goal calls for a standardized approach to hand-off communication that in particular allows for the opportunity to ask and answer questions (JCAHO, 2006).
The sampling process guaranteed that the sample was representative of all such hospitals on the dimensions of: number of beds (<99, 100-299, or 300+), JCAHO accreditation status, and participation in the Premier Hospital Quality Incentive Demonstration (HQID).
The CAP--and other inspection and regulatory agencies--has an obligation to ensure that the labs it inspects meet all of the requirements and regulations under which a laboratory operates, be they CLIA, state, JCAHO, or any other agency for which CAP has deemed status.
JCAHO accreditation is all about organizational excellence and ACHCA is all about leadership excellence.
* The current edition of The JCAHO Survey Coordinator's Handbook, HCPro's big selling, 200-page guide;
The public/private partnership--along with the American Psychiatric Association--approached JCAHO about a better way to address quality issues in behavioral health.
In the last year, hospitals in Los Angeles, Boston, Detroit, Indianapolis, and elsewhere have been targeted by imitation inspectors, according to alerts issued by JCAHO. In these cases, one or two professionally dressed men arrived and asked to inspect the premises.
JCAHO notes that warning signs of a possible misconnection include having to force tubes together or having to use adaptors.
The clinical practice guidelines and prevention measures were matched to the JCAHO chapter on improving organizational performance and to all seven of the nursing outcomes.