JCAPJournal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics (International School for Advanced Studies and Institute of Physics Publishing)
JCAPJapan Clean Air Program
JCAPJunior Cadet Accessions Program (Texas)
JCAPJoint Crisis Action Planning (US DoD)
JCAPJournal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology
JCAPJoint Conventional Ammunition Program
JCAPJournal of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy
JCAPJoint Conventional Ammunition Panel or Program
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At JCAP, researchers are pursuing the discovery of several materials, including photoanodes, which are materials that must absorb sunlight and harness its energy to oxidize water into oxygen, freeing protons and electrons to be utilized in fuel synthesis.
Setare, "Interacting holographic dark energy model and generalized second law of thermodynamics in non-flat universe," JCAP, no.
The initial focus of JCAP research was tackling the efficient splitting of water in the photosynthesis process.
Hosted at Caltech and Lawrence Berkeley Lab, JCAP was originally funded with $122 million over five years, and its funding was renewed (albeit at a lower level) last year.
To this end, once photoanodes have used solar energy to split water molecules, JCAP scientists need high performance semiconductor photocathodes that can use solar energy to catalyze fuel production.
(38.) Araujo PCC, Franco RM, Oliveira LAT, Carvalho JCAP. Ocorrencia de Listeria monocytogenes em produtos de carne de peru comercializados na cidade de Niteroi-RJ-Brasil.
JCAP research in the new Energy Hub will look at various components required for an artificial photosynthesis system light absorbers, catalysts, molecular linkers and separation membranes.
It was no accident that when the former footballer Jamie Cooper came to paint his commissioned picture commemorating 150 years of Australian football, Winmar pointing at his chest featured prominently (JCAP Australia 2008).
Companies with gold bumping facilities in China include JCAP (based on bumping technology from APS) and Chipmore.
(JCAP), Millennium STATSChipPAC; ASE; ChipMOS; and United Test and Assembly Center.
JCAP participants will exchange information and explore cooperation in the promotion of carbon-capping measures such as cap-and-trade and carbon offsetting.
To qualify for the project, parents in substance-involved families were referred to the Juvenile Court Assessment Program (JCAP) at the time of the temporary custody hearing or at any time within 90 days subsequent to the hearing.