JCARJoint Committee on Administrative Rules
JCARJefferson County Association of Realtors (Lakewood, CO)
JCARJunior Canadian Auto Racing
JCARJoint Channel Assignment and Routing
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Following the start of the second public notice period, JCAR has 45 days to consider the proposed regulations.
SPECJ Lotsof kit's available ROOMY JCar has plenty of space LOOKER 3Focus estate is handsome
We'd still JCar ask anyone who thinks they might be able to help our investigation to contact us.
JCAR is to vote January 9 on the special education rules changes.
Guangzhou Jcar Industrial Company Ltd's marketing head, Monica Leung said "we are going to participate in the India auto fair for the first time.
JCARS will be a management information system designed to directly support USJFCOM's new joint BMC2 responsibilities on behalf of the Combatant Commands.