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Al enterarse de la situacion, el entonces presidente de la JCAS, Raul Jabalera Leal--uno de los principales colaboradores de Cesar Duarte--confirmo que trabajadores de su dependencia tenian que ir escoltados cuando iban a esa zona para hacer alguna diligencia.
* Populating the RDF dataset with new RDF triples: JCAS is the input of CODA, where the rules specified in a PEARL (ProjEction of Annotations Rule Language) [4] document, are used to generate the new RDF triples that will populate the reference dataset;
FCB and associated Joint Capability Area (JCA) categories include Force Support (formerly Force Support and Building Partnerships); Battlespace Awareness; Force Application; Logistics; Command, Control, Communications, and Computers (C4)/Cyber (formerly Net-Centric, Command and Control, and C4/Cyber); and Protection.
JCAs are an organizing construct designed to give DOD leadership a
(3) Por poner un ejemplo, la JGAS informa que en 2005 el poblado de Creel, a 2 353 msn, registro temperaturas por debajo de cero y un minimo de-11[grados]C durante 146 dias (JCAS, 2005).
Using strategic guidance documents such as the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) and National Military Strategy (NMS) as well as joint conceptual documents such as the Joint Operating Concepts (JOC), Joint Capability Areas (JCAs), and existing archival data, the very first step is for the service or agency to initiate and fund a Capabilities-Based Assessment (CBA).
The aircraft has been selling like hot cakes ever since the 30.6-tonne C-27J was selected as the Pentagon's JCA (Joint Cargo Aircraft), with L-3 Communications as prime contractor for US orders and Foreign Military Sales.
Before setting up JCAS, Julie was employed at Deighton-based chemical firm Syngenta and its forerunner firms for 15 years - 10 of those years in human resources.
Service differences in the approach to doctrine and training are a key limiter in JCAS execution.
The Training and Education work group focused on enabling execution of the same joint capability areas (JCAs) examined by the futures work group.
(13.) See, for example, Hisao Koatsu, Obiya Chika and John Schoeberlein, eds., Migration in Central Asia: Its History and Current Problems, JCAS Symposium Series 9 , Osaka: Japan Centre for Area Studies, 2000; Charles King and Neil J.
Estas variables se basan en calculos de JMAS, JCAS y CNA.