JCATJournal of Computer-Assisted Tomography
JCATJAIN Coordination and Transactions
JCATJoint Combat Assessment Team
JCATJoint Crisis Action Team
JCATJoint Capability Assessment Team
JCATJoint Capabilities Assessment Toolkit
JCATJournal of Construction Accounting & Taxation (Thompson Reuters Tax & Accounting)
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If you wish to download some of the images directly (they look even better on a video monitor), please see the JCAT website at www.
JCAT is a multi-sided, interactive, entity-level construction simulation that U.
JCAT can simulate almost anything from individual service members, tracked and wheeled vehicles aircraft, surface ships, submarines, environmental factors, complete 3-D buildings, multi-resolution terrain, precision-guided weapons, effects of biological and chemical agent release, human behavior characteristics, casualties, damaged equipment and both anti-tank and anti-personnel minefields.
The designers incorporate vignettes based upon situations that units have encountered in Iraq into JCATS to give soldiers applicable training for deployment.
Using VBS2 and JCATs, the platoon leader, company HQ, and CoISTs can go through multiple scenarios without any backside support required.
CBS and JCATS do have the advantage of being able to interact with the command and control equipment that staff officers would use in the field.
In addition to real units, a huge array of simulated forces entered the fray via computer models, or were controlled by operators using the JCATS simulation.
JCATS is a registered trademark of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
Once the systems were selected, SRI had to determine a way to integrate DFIRST for the live component, CCTT for the virtual components and JCATS for the constructive component, said Shockley.
Dynamic game play initiated using the DSE and JCATS to drive TACSIM at the beginning of the Stability Operations Phase.
JCATS transmitted IBCT Blue situation reports and "Blue" SALUTE reports.
JCATS is the primary training tool for battalion and brigade command post training in the constructive environment.