JCCBIJacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (Canada)
JCCBIJoint Committee for the Conservation of British Invertebrates
JCCBIJoint Committee on Computer Based Instruction
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Since 2008, he has been Chairman of the JCCBI Board of Directors where he has overseen activities surrounding the completion of projects, such as the reinforcement of the structure of the old Champlain Bridge and major work to reinforce and stabilize the approaches of the Jacques Cartier Bridge.
I am delighted to announce the reappointment of Paul Kefalas, which will ensure the continuity of JCCBIs activities as it prepares to begin work on the deconstruction of the old Champlain Bridge.
Carlin for his remarkable work as CEO of JCCBI, where he oversaw complex operations to strengthen the structure of the Champlain Bridge, and to replace the decks of the Jacques Cartier Bridge and the federal portion of the Honor Mercier Bridge.
I wish to reiterate my continued confidence in JCCBI and its operations.
In order to have a complete understanding of the situation in the event of a delay, the Minister of Infrastructure and Communities asked JCCBI to assess the possibility of extending the length of service of the existing Champlain Bridge.