JCCCRJudeo-Christian Council for Constitutional Restoration
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A follow-up meeting with many of the same ministers and movement activists took place a year later in Orlando, Florida, where an executive committee was organized for the JCCCR, their new 501c(4) organization.
The JCCCR's agenda "to stem the rising tide of judicial tyranny" consists of ending judicial filibusters, passing the Marriage Protection and Constitution Restoration acts, withholding funds from federal courts whose judges "overstep their constitutional authority," and impeaching federal judges "who insist on substituting their own views for the original meaning of the Constitution." Nearly 200 years after the impeachment of Chief Justice Samuel Chase first delegitimized politically motivated judicial removals, and decades after the last "Impeach Earl Warren" signs had been taken down from roadside billboards, politicized judicial impeachment threats have returned as a fixture of the public debate.
Though that is a line that could easily have been uttered by a panelist at the JCCCR conference, it's important to dispel the notion of a real convergence of prescriptive analysis between liberal critics of judicial review and modern religious-right judge-bashers.