JCCMEJapan Cooperation Centre for the Middle East
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The objective of JCCME is to contribute to the promotion of Japan's trade and economic and technical co-operation with the Middle East countries, with a view to furthering their economic development.
Japan is known as the world's most technically advanced nation, and consumers in the Mena region are among those embracing Japanese products and technologies,' said Jiro Nemoto, chairman of JCCME.
This is not the case with Turkey as its investment environment is not effected by regional developments at all , the JCCME Head went on to say, adding that Prime Minister Erdogan s resolute stance had secured Turkey s investment appeal.
In an interview with Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) and Kuwait TV, JCCME President Tadatsuna Koda said the seminar was held in response to requests from the Kuwaiti side, which believes the Japanese investment should be increased.
The meeting aims to enable Japanese companies and local partners make combined efforts to contribute to water and energy infrastructure development in the Kingdom," JCCME President Tadatsuna Koda said while speaking at the opening session.
Founded in 1973 JCCME was established, through the joint efforts of the Japanese government and the private sector, with the aim to develop and enhance relations between Japan and the MENA region.
We shall convey our views to the companies in Japan to look into ways to boost relations with Oman through investments," said Iwane Iwata, deputy managing director of JCCME, adding: "In fact, our organisation has been playing a bridging role between Japan and the countries in the Middle East and North Africa region on the private-sector level by providing cooperation in the fields of trade, investment, economy and technology.
Founded in 1973 under the sponsorship of the Japanese government, the JCCME has been promoting Japan's investment and transfer of technology to the Middle East.
The JCCME also has a Japan Desk in Kuwait, which plays a
He added that JCCME has been inviting Saudi experts working in the water sector to Japan and enabling their visits to various water related plants, especially in the last four years.