JCCTJoint Commission on Commerce and Trade
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JCCTJoint Combat Camera Team
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Following the JCCT meetings, the Department of Commerce released a fact sheet that covers not only the agricultural aspects discussed, but also a wide range of issues upon which the two countries made significant progress.
Although the JCCT talks do not address exchange rate policies, U.
But a reality also is that many in the US, including the business community and the Congress are moving towards a more negative view of our trading relationship, and they question whether the JCCT is able to make meaningful progress," said Bryson.
The JCCT began in 1983 as a platform for both countries to promote trade and address issues of mutual concern.
Beijing, of course, is very displeased, and Paulson's Strategic Economic Dialogue is likely to get an ear-full on the subject, along with the JCCT, at their separate meetings this year.
Johnson, who is board certified in Family Practice, is a co-founder and president of JCCT, which has decades of experience in conducting clinical trials.
Chinese media report that in the course of the JCCT discussions China "reaffirmed that, in compliance with its own quarantine requirement, it will resume the import of American beef, deboned and bone-in, under the age of 30 months.
Under the Obama administration, the JCCT, which will be led by Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and U.
The US and China were expected to sign a memorandum of understanding on energy cooperation following the annual JCCT talks in Hangzhou, which began late Wednesday.
The meeting, which will be the 20th JCCT, is designed to let officials discuss specific trade and investment issues, as well as broader trade policies.
The JCCT also produced an agreement to establish a U.