JCESJapan Comparative Education Society (est. 1965)
JCESJeune Chambre Economique Suisse (French: Swiss Junior International Chamber)
JCESJournal of Comparative Economic Studies
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JCE principle that still stands in Australia today.
principle, if one party to a JCE, during the course of the enterprise,
The OSV segment's pre-tax profit (including associates and jointly controlled entities (JCE), which are special purpose vehicles incorporated to hold vessels) declined by 20.6 per cent to MYR 51.1 million in 9M2014.
JCE is the mode of liability alleged in cases where a command hierarchy cannot be established, but there is nevertheless a desire to hold responsible as direct perpetrators certain individuals who did not carry out, aid, and abet, or otherwise directly perpetrate the atrocity in question.
For the purposes of this discussion, the most important aspect of the judgment is the justification used for the development of JCE. The judgment states that the ICTY has jurisdiction over those persons directly connected to a crime, but also for everyone in a group that can be deemed to have a common criminal purpose.
(20) Ten men were executed in Potocari during the forcible transfer, which was found to he a natural and foreseeable consequence of this JCE. (21)
The Trial Chamber's definition of the temporal scope of this JCE is significant because it recognised that the physical act of forcibly transferring the Bosnian Muslim population from Srebrenica and Zepa in July 1995 was the culmination of a much broader criminal plan.
Tadic's liability in this case was based on the joint criminal enterprise (JCE) doctrine.
Despite this controversy, JCE liability is actually one of many schemes in both international and domestic law that base individual liability on conduct of a group.
Including Alam Maritim's share of debt under its associates and JCEs, the adjusted DE ratio would be 1.4x (end-September 2012: 1.8x).
The improved prospects for the segment has enabled Alam Maritim to register higher share of results from its associates and jointly-controlled entities (JCE) of RM52.2 million (2012: RM41.7 million).
The Indictment alleges that the crimes of extermination and/or murder formed part of the objectives of the following JCEs (JCE I commission): the overarching JCE; the JCE to spread terror among the civilian population of Sarajevo; and the JCE to eliminate Bosnian Muslims in Srebrenica.