JCESOMJoan C. Edwards School of Medicine (Marshall University; Huntington, West Virginia)
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to provide an annual evaluation and security site survey of each JCESOM location.
Department of Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, JCESOM, Marshall University, Huntington WV
a 2013 graduate of the JCESOM and first-year resident in the Department of Family Medicine, says the publication is an attempt to strengthen the medical school community by reaffirming commitment to the human experience and clinical excellence.
of Family and Community Health, JCESOM at Marshall University, 1600 Medical Center Dr.
9) A brief standard history, retinal images, and intraocular pressure value (Figure 1) was transmitted either electronically via a secure HIPPA approved T-1 line or by storage media to a board certified ophthalmologist at JCESOM.
Professor, Department of Neurosciences, JCESOM School of Medicine Marshall University, Huntington