JCETJoint Combined Exchange Training
JCETJoint Center for Earth System Technology (University of Maryland, Baltimore County/Goddard Space Flight Center)
JCETJoint Council on Educational Television
JCETJames Cook Evaluation of Teaching (survey; James Cook University; Australia)
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Therefore, using the JCET process as a guide, general purpose force commanders must likely receive a request from an allied foreign force for training and then forward that request through the appropriate command channel to the DSCA.
special operations activities from training and equipping local militaries through JCET programs to more aggressive Joint Planning and Advisory Teams.
During the JCET, FEN members trained in weapons handling, boat handling, boat inserts and extracts, tactical formations and vectoring for interception of watercrafts by naval special warfare instructors.
Just recently, NSWU-3 has been tasked to be responsible for all JCETs in the CENTCOM AOR.
According to the company, the purchase increases Jiangsu's installed base of Eagle Test Systems' platforms and provides expanded test capability covering the range of products that JCET's current and new customers require.
Examples of SC activities, each with their own funding sources, include Joint Chiefs of Staff Exercises; Joint and Combined Exercises for Training (JCET); Humanitarian Assistance (HA); Non-proliferation, Anti-terrorism, Demining, and Related (NADR) programs; Individual Military Education and Training (IMET); and Foreign Military Sales (FMS).
(54.) Some sources identify the Balance Kayak and Balance Ultra exercises as part of the joint combined exchange training (JCET) program, but they were not.
Por ejemplo, organizaciones como el National Citizens Committee for Educational Television (NCCET) y el Joint Committee on Educational Television (JCET) reflejaban el nivel de organizacion y desarrollo de distintos sectores de la sociedad americana en torno a la necesidad de respaldo a los proyectos para establecer televisiones publicas.
Kagame received his military education under the Pentagon's Joint Combined Exchange Training (JCET) at the Command and General Staff College of Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, beginning in 1990.
Special Forces teams on Counterdrug Training Support (CDTS) and Joint Combined Exchange Training (JCET) deployments.
The Pentagon built up KOPASSUS with more than twenty-four JCET training exercises and backed Prabowo's plan to obtain U.S.