JCFJewish Community Foundation
JCFJunta Central Fallera (Spanish: Central Falles Board; Spanish celebration administrators)
JCFJapan Cycling Federation (governing body)
JCFJamaica Constabulary Force (Jamaica)
JCFJuvenile Correctional Facility (various locations)
JCFJohan Cruyff Foundation (Netherlands)
JCFJava Collections Framework
JCFJESSI (Joint European Submicron Silicon Initiative) Common Framework
JCFJesus Christ Family
JCFJerwood Charitable Foundation (UK)
JCFJapan Canoe Federation
JCFJapan Carbon Finance
JCFJoint Contingency Force
JCFJewish Communal Fund (New York, NY)
JCFJapan Chernobyl Foundation
JCFJacques Chahine Finance
JCFJewelers Charity Fund for Children
JCFJamaica Chess Federation
JCFJustification/Cost Form
JCFJoint Communications Facility
JCFJanty Club France (French electronic cigarette club)
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MY burning desire for cycling in Jamaica is to establish the youth program,' said the JCF president who, even before becoming involved in cycling administration, had already been instrumental in organizing Youth Development Summer Camps a few years back.
JCF Capital Advisors LLC is a boutique investment banking firm, led by Mr.
Suzuki admitted to spiking the drink in November after the JCF handed out a punishment against Komatsu.
The volcano plots (Figure 3A) of JCF vs NH-P concluded the distribution in different expressed miRNAs at the whole.
CBSI support to Jamaica includes training, equipment and logistical assistance for: the prevention and interdiction of narcotics and firearms trafficking; combatting cyber-crime, money laundering, financial crime, lottery scams, and organized crime; improving Jamaica's efforts to seize and forfeit criminally-acquired assets; and enhancing Jamaica's maritime law enforcement capabilities and maintenance and logistics systems through support for the JCF Marine Division and the JDF Coast Guard.
For example, the average number of appearances every two years from 2000 to 2009 has increased by at least 30 appearances relative to the two-year averages from the 1990s for five of these journals: Mathematical Finance (MF), JEF, Pacific Basin Finance Journal (PBFJ), JCF, and EFM.
The foundry capacity at Emirates Techno Casting (ETC) and its sister entity, JCF Valves, currently has an output of 36,000 tonnes a year.
KEF Holdings comprises Emirates Techno Casting (ETC) and JCF Fluid Flow Sharjah, both based in Hamriyah Free Zone.
He was convicted of fraud and served three months in 1996 after he set up a rogue firm under the name of JCF Transport and registered it at his mum's address.
JCF was established by the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), the Development Bank of Japan Inc.
JCF Fluid Flow, the company which manufactures industrial valves under the brand name 'JC Valves', plans to set up valve service centres in Qatar and Kuwait as part of its new expansion plan, says JCF Fluid Flow president and CEO KE Faizal.
A JCF officer, Shmuel Yurman, explained the pamphlet's purpose as follows: