JCF-AWEJoint Contingency Force – Advanced Warfighting Experiment
JCF-AWEJoint Combined Force - Advanced Warfighting Experiment
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Before the JCF-AWE, the 10th Mountain Division conducted new-equipment training, field-training exercises, command-post exercises, computer-training sessions, and contractor meetings/ refinements.
The JCF-AWE also developed tactical and experimental objectives that were nested within the overarching objectives.
Provide after-action reviews that enhance future JCF-AWE collective training.
The mini-mine detector (MIMID) (Figure 3) was one of the best pieces of equipment tested during the JCF-AWE.
The HMEE was very reliable during the entire JCF-AWE.
During the MOUT phase of the JCF-AWE, the T3 showed potential for unmanned breaching and clearing operations in built-up terrain.