JCHJournal of Contemporary History
JCHJewish Community House
JCHChristianshab, Greenland (airport code)
JCHJanet Clarke Hall (University of Melbourne; Australia)
JCHJournal of Community Health
JCHJournal of Chiropractic Humanities
JCHJudo Club Hermée (Belgian martial arts club)
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Providing every bed on the NTFGH and JCH patient floors with a view and natural ventilation began with a floor plate geometry that staggers the headwall of the inpatient wards in a sawtooth shape to create a space for each patient to have their own window (see diagram on page 44).
Two sRNA libraries (bursa of Fabricius in JCH and NH-P) were constructed using Small RNA Sample Pre Kit (Illumina, San Diego, CA, USA) following the manufacturers instructions.
In: Garcia LS, Bachner P, Baselski VS, Lewis MR, Linscott AJ, Schwab DA, Steele Jr JCH, Weissfeld AS, Wilkinson DS, Wolk DM, eds.
Tras la creacion de la JCH, la salud permanecio invariable durante los primeros sesenta anos de su reconocimiento por parte del Estado.
En 1919, la JCH, convertida en Direccion Nacional de Higiene, continuo operando en el Ministerio de Agricultura y Comercio.
Pablo Garcia Medina, active member of the JCH gave a report to the National Academy of Medicine emphasizing the necessity of enacting regulatory measures to sanitize the city's slaughterhouse (Garcia Medina, 1893: 245).
The outcrop R0, dominated by Corallina officinalis and Ulva lactuca (72 and 24% cumulative contribution respectively, SIMPER analysis), was clearly separated from the rest of the sampling sites, which followed a gradient from shallow to deep ones: R1, R2, R3, JCH, PS, BA (typical species Mytilus platensis, 69.
Study population: Of the 385 HCWs working in 2 centre, (UCH and JCH DOTS), 271 (70.
JCH (also known as Clint Dupree) has written in praise of his mother-in-law after reading that mine had died in America.
According to Medina, some departmental board directors refused to cooperate with the JCH and instead filled the pages of their reports with excuses concerned with how inadequate government funding prevented their organizations from carrying out national programmes.