JCIDSJoint Capabilities Integration and Development System (US DoD; replaces Requirements Generation System, RGS)
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As such, the CNA provides the analysis foundation for all follow-on JCIDS documentation work within TRADOC.
military Service in joint operations are considered joint weapons and require a joint weapons safety review in accordance with JCIDS and under Joint Service Weapon and Laser System Safety Review processes.
Based on the requirements produced by JCIDS, large program offices are charged with development of the system.
In its conception, JCIDS was built as a deliberate planning tool to mitigate risk involved with capability gaps through both material and non-material solutions.
Testifying before the Senate in 2009 as a nominee for the position of vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Cartwright optimistically said of JCIDS, "We've just completed a major update to the JCIDS process and will continue to evaluate the need for further changes.
SOFCIDS is a streamlined version of the JCIDS process, wholly owned by the SOCOM commander for SOF-particular acquisition.
For the past few years, the USACBRNS and joint program managers have, to some extent, successfully navigated the complex JCIDS acquisition and other institutional processes.
This follow-on report focuses on (1) whether the JCIDS process has achieved its objective to prioritize joint warfighting needs and (2) factors that have affected DOD's ability to effectively implement JCIDS.
JCIDS is a system which is responsible for "identifying, assessing and prioritizing joint military capability needs as specified in title 10, United States Code, sections 153, 163, 167 and 181.
The new JCIDS process is "top down" rather than "zero based" or "bottoms up.