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JCLJob Control Language
JCLJakarta Commons Logging (Java logging framework)
JCLJohnny Come Lately
JCLLicentiate in Canon Law
JCLJimmy Carter Library (Atlanta, GA, USA)
JCLJeep Cherokee Laredo
JCLJunior Classic League
JCLJava Compiled Language
JCLJob Cost Ledger
JCLJohnson Controls-Lapeer (Lapeer, Michigan)
JCLJunior Champions League (Western Australian soccer)
JCLJava Class Library (computing)
JCLJournal of Corporation Law (Iowa College of Law)
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The JCL brought the Pacific Venus to Puerto Princesa City and Manila in November 2015, and to Bohol, Boracay, Manila and the Hundred Islands of Pangasinan in November last year.
The incremental borrowing rate of JCL is 8%, the same rate it would currently pay on straight (i.
letter to Gentlemen, October 12, 1977, Folder "Southern Baptist Convention," WHNE WHCF, JCL.
Looking to see how they could spread the pool success to other local amenities, the library had seemed an obvious choice to benefit from the JCL brand.
7) One of the first trials Hines faced was to resolve a dispute between the JCL editorial board and its then faculty sponsor over which one of them would control the editorial decision-making process.
In an effort to empower women through learning and skills training, JCL created its own women's section in 2002.
JCL is a not-for-profit organization based in Phoenix that includes two hospitals, thirteen physician practices and a number of outreach programs.
Migrating unnecessary data sets: An easy way to reduce CPU usage is to reduce or eliminate unnecessary HSM activity that is caused by ineffective management class policies or application JCL.
The Government of Canada, through its Book Publishing Industry Development Programme (BPIDP), has awarded publisher Editions JCL CAD98,988.
The transmission manufacturer used Aurum JCL 3030, a high PV (pressure x velocity) grade said to provide a low coefficient of friction--0.
CoSORT 7 also provides drop-in replacements for Solaris and Linux (UNIX) sort, NT sort, Micro Focus COBOL and other third party sorts and its sort control language features parm conversion tools for processing COBOL, CSV, web log (CLF/ELF) and JCL metadata or sort parms.
What JCL and IDCAMS statements contain hard-coded LRECL and BLKSIZE parameters?