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JCLJob Control Language
JCLJakarta Commons Logging (Java logging framework)
JCLJohnny Come Lately
JCLLicentiate in Canon Law
JCLJimmy Carter Library (Atlanta, GA, USA)
JCLJeep Cherokee Laredo
JCLJunior Classic League
JCLJava Compiled Language
JCLJob Cost Ledger
JCLJohnson Controls-Lapeer (Lapeer, Michigan)
JCLJunior Champions League (Western Australian soccer)
JCLJava Class Library (computing)
JCLJournal of Corporation Law (Iowa College of Law)
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Cutler to Heads of All Units Within the Executive Office of the President and the Senior White House Staff, October 31, 1980, File: "Executive Privilege, 6/77-11/80," Box 74, Lloyd Cutler Files, JCL.
DR/Xpert for DB2 performs intelligent auditing of the DB2 catalog, gathers data about new, changed, and deleted table spaces and indexes, and automatically generates the backup and recovery JCL to drive IBM, CA or BMC DB2 utilities.
ULDAGE will send an invitation to the Patent Holders' Meeting to those who have patents evaluated as essential to JCTEA, JCL and ARIB Standards.
Fujitsu Software today announced the early availability of NeoBatch, a solution for bringing mainframe JCL batch jobs to Microsoft's .
There is a large number of sort operations driven by DFSORT commands today that could really benefit from the power of Nsort, but migrating them to a Windows server platform requires supporting the JCL and batch COBOL programs.
Lombard will be able to seamlessly migrate its existing job scheduling process flows and JCL into the Windows environment without having to rescript or build the job scheduling process.
The clients extending the service contracts with Fintel include: Shanghai Longterms, Shanghai Qianhou, Beijing JCL, and Beijing Sinoskyline.
The key features of SSH Tectia Server (M) include: * SFTP, SCP, secure terminal, and TCP tunneling including TN3270 * Operation and execution from MVS and JCL * Support for MVS (Multiple Virtual Storage) data sets including VSAM * Support for RACF, ACF2 and Top Secret authentication * Full code set translation, including ASCII-EBCDIC for file transfers * Seamless use of hardware acceleration of cryptographic operations for increased throughput and scalability, and reduced CPU usage Pricing and Availability
CHICAGO -- Today, Fujitsu Software Corporation has announced a number of key customer successes in mainframe migration including Euronext (European securities exchange), Galmed (major Spanish manufacturer of galvanized steel), and Stockholmshem (property management to 60,000 Stockholm residents), all having migrated applications in production using NetCOBOL, NeoKicks and a JCL migration solution.
JCL can be emulated or converted to Korn shell, or VB script, and IMAGE and KSAM data is converted to Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server.
In all, the project involved analysis of nearly 10 million lines of code that make up about 9,800 COBOL programs and 8,500 copybooks along with another 20,000 JCL and PROCs members, and around 1,000 IMS databases.