JCLAJapan Contact Lens Association (trade association)
JCLAJournal of Current Laser Abstracts
JCLAJapan Chemical Laboratory Accreditation
JCLAJapan Comparative Literature Association
JCLAJournal of Clinical Ligand Assay (Clinical Ligand Assay Society)
JCLAJefferson Center for Learning and the Arts (Columbus, OH)
JCLAJoint Legislative Auditing Committee (US Senate)
JCLAJust Chilling Like Always (chat)
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(82) The JCLA and other community advocacy groups have been documenting cases of sexual abuse and sexual harassment in Azraq and Zaatari camp since the start of the Syrian refugee conflict.
According to Ms Tahat, "No one tries to deal with sensitive areas like this." (101) The JCLA and irc teams also noted the inadequacy of outreach activities to directly address HIV and other communicable diseases, and the reluctance of Syrian refugees to attend seminars that could increase their stigma if they were openly identified as survivors of SGBV, LGBTI, or living with or vulnerable to HIV infection.
Organizations such as the Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development (ARDD) and JCLA, as well as the UNHCR, routinely intervene and have stopped a number of deportations.
International Human Rights Program in-person interview with jcla team, 3 June 2015, Amman, Jordan.
In updating JCLA and focusing on the prize of enterprise, server-side Java Microsoft hopes it can entice customers already building or running Java applications of any size.
JCLA is based on software from ArtinSoft SA, installs into Visual Studio.Net and provides wizards capable of converting up to 90% of Java code.
Microsoft believes JCLA 2.0 will help customers onto .NET without ripping out existing Java infrastructure.
Fernandez said Microsoft started small with JCLA 1.0, by focusing only on applets and classes, to get a release "out of the door." It is not clear yet what the version of JCLA for Whidbey would convert EJBs into.
This thematic issue of JCLA provides a sample of papers that disclose the artistic and the literary as a system of relations that enhance the outmoded subliminity of the sensual; that is, the miracle operated by artistic representation when it sets out to express, by means of its limited materialities however multimodal, the simple/complex feelings that make humans of us all.
In this thematic issue of JCLA, Carolina Fernandez Castrillo expands these arguments in her paper "Intermedialities in Visual Poetry: Futurist "Polyexpressivity" and net.art" which examines the crucial role of Futurist visual poetry as starting point in the creation of an interconnected and expansive net of interdependencies between traditional artistic branches and new media in the western world.
Unfortunately this thematic issue of JCLA does not include a paper on the workings of cinematography and intermediality.