JCLAJapan Contact Lens Association (trade association)
JCLAJournal of Current Laser Abstracts
JCLAJapan Chemical Laboratory Accreditation
JCLAJapan Comparative Literature Association
JCLAJournal of Clinical Ligand Assay (Clinical Ligand Assay Society)
JCLAJoint Legislative Auditing Committee (US Senate)
JCLAJefferson Center for Learning and the Arts (Columbus, OH)
JCLAJust Chilling Like Always (chat)
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82) The JCLA and other community advocacy groups have been documenting cases of sexual abuse and sexual harassment in Azraq and Zaatari camp since the start of the Syrian refugee conflict.
101) The JCLA and irc teams also noted the inadequacy of outreach activities to directly address HIV and other communicable diseases, and the reluctance of Syrian refugees to attend seminars that could increase their stigma if they were openly identified as survivors of SGBV, LGBTI, or living with or vulnerable to HIV infection.
Component 2 This component will pilot legal aid offices managed by JCLA attached to units of the Family Protection Department (FPD) of the Ministry of Interior.
In this thematic issue of JCLA, Carolina Fernandez Castrillo expands these arguments in her paper "Intermedialities in Visual Poetry: Futurist "Polyexpressivity" and net.
Unfortunately this thematic issue of JCLA does not include a paper on the workings of cinematography and intermediality.
JCLA is based on software from ArtinSoft SA, installs into Visual Studio.
Fernandez said Microsoft started small with JCLA 1.
Following completion of the plan, JCLA Cayman will continue to hold in excess of 7% of APR shares.