JCLCJefferson County Library Cooperative (Alabama)
JCLCJackson Creek Land Co
JCLCJournal of Criminal Law and Criminology (est. 1910)
JCLCJROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge
JCLCJackson County Learning Center (Newport, AR)
JCLCJamestown Community Learning Council (Jamestown, NY)
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In 1997, Vision and JCLC borrowed $600,000 to finance infrastructure development on 184 acres.
The issue was whether JCLC held Jackson Creek tot sale in the ordinary course of its business.
Was JCLC engaged in a trade or business, and if so, what business?
Was JCLC holding the property primarily for sale in that business?
Were the sales contemplated by JCLC ordinary in the course of that business?
According to citations, JCLC was first, CRIM second, Crime and Delinquency third, JRCD fourth, Federal Probation fifth, and BJC sixth.
However, as a practical matter, it is not feasible to obtain an accurate count of citations in JCLC, because the legal style of footnoting excludes the initials of authors of articles cited and therefore makes it difficult to distinguish different authors with the same surnames.
Three men stand out among all others in terms of their influence over the past one hundred years in the success of the JCLC.
Gault was the second Editor-in-Chief of the JCLC, replacing James W.
Here in Illinois, this idea first surfaced in an article written by Bernard Weisberg, then a corporate lawyer and general counsel to the ACLU, in a 1961 symposium in--where else--the JCLC.
In 2005, a new champion was born to carry the torch and again the JCLC was the first to publish his work.
Those who are writing for the Centennial issue, several of whom have already published in the JCLC, will be joining this illustrious cast of characters.