JCLLJoint Center for Lessons Learned
JCLLJacobs Center for Lifelong Learning and Institutional Development
JCLLJournal of Celtic Language Learning
JCLLJewish Children's Learning Lab (New York, NY)
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Even on the Joint Staff, despite the JCLL title, one of the two guiding policy directives was the Remedial Action Project Program.
As planning for Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) neared completion in early 2003, the USJFCOM commander knew immediately that the task of active data collection would be well beyond the capability and means of the 1 government civilian and 10 contractors assigned to the JCLL.
On the JCLL level, it can involve analysis of observations from participating organizations to determine potential issues and trends requiring mediation by the Joint Staff, for example, under the Chairman's Remedial Action Program.
Currently there are 1,900 active lessons in the JCLL database.