JCMHJackson County Memorial Hospital (Altus, OK, USA)
JCMHJefferson Center for Mental Health (Colorado)
JCMHJames Connelly Memorial Hospital (Dublin, Ireland)
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Of all of the conclusions reached by the JCMH, the recommendation that the "earliest possible treatment" for "the emotionally disturbed" be made readily available in the form of professional, community-based counseling services (JCMH 1961, xii) had, arguably, the greatest potential effect for change within the mental health care system.
The only direct reference to school-based service is the Commission's recommendation for the establishment of residential schools that would be employed as sites for "pilot studies" and serve as "centers for the re-education of emotionally disturbed children, using different types of personnel than are customary" (JCMH 1961, xiii).
In addition to being a means of providing direct psychiatric and medical services, these programs were rationalized as offering "less discontinuity from normal patterns of living" (JCMH 1961, 260) than hospital based programs thereby facilitating smooth transitions back to normal school activities.
In 1958, the Ford Foundation, amongst others, estimated that 10 to 25 percent of all children were emotionally disturbed (Bower 1959) with non-white, non-middle class, and non-native speakers making up the largest proportion of this student population (JCMH 1961).
"Early on, one of our remote users noted that, with a central database, 'If you go down, then I go down, and that's not acceptable, is it?' The user was right." JCMH decided to back up its database and servers with a generator to ensure remote users would stay on line.
This feature will soon be utilized by JCMH to allow prescriptions to submit prescriptions direct from the TIER system to pharmacies.