JCMOTFjoint civil-military operations task force (US DoD)
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The burgeoning acronyms finally settled around SASO--Stability and Support Operations, but the years of lexicon evolution have left a permanent mark in doctrine and planning: CIMIC refers to civil-military cooperation, JCMOTF is a joint civil-military operations task force, JIACG is the joint interagency coordination group, CJTF is a combined joint task force.
Glossary AFDD air force doctrine document CHE complex humanitarian emergency CMOC civil-military operations center CRG contingency response group DIRMOBFOR director of mobility forces DOD Department of Defense DV distinguished visitor HACC humanitarian assistance coordination center HOC humanitarian operations center JCMOTF joint civil-military operations task force JP joint publication MAF Mobility Air Forces MOOTW military operations other than war NGO nongovernmental organization OSOCC on-site operations coordination center PVO private volunteer organization SOFA status of forces agreement TALCE Tanker-Airlift Control Element UK United Kingdom UN United Nations US United States USCINCCENTCOM United States Commander in Chief Central Command