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JCMTJames Clerk Maxwell Telescope
JCMTJoint Collection Management Tool
JCMTJoint Collection Management Tools (US DoD)
JCMTJournal of Cranio-Maxillofacial Trauma
JCMTJoint Care Management Team (UK)
JCMTJazz and Commercial Music Theory
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* An artist's impression of the Earth-like planet Kepler-22b * The SCUBA-2 camera helps map galaxies faster then ever * The SCUBA-2 camera is mounted on the JCMT's dish in Hawaii, left
JCMT considered the use of departmental systems to deal with specific issues in the practice such as email management and project accounting.
Workspace mini will enable JCMT to use the knowledge and experience of their employees combined with Workspace mini 'best practice' to standardise procedures and processes.
Sheelagh confessed JCMT have been very impressed with Workspace and Union Square: "The 'out of the box' nature of the product means that a lot of the thinking on how we streamline and organise our practice has been done for us, brilliant considering that Architects train for years to spend their time designing buildings, not formulating strategies for filing paperwork!
For example the SCUBA instrument at the JCMT uses Mars, Uranus, and Neptune as primary calibrators.
As a young postdoctoral researcher, I spent three years in Hawaii trying frenetically to use as many different telescopes as possible, and the JCMT was only one among a crowd of telescopes on Mauna Kea.
Fortunately, at just about this time the world's first submillimeter camera, SCUBA (Submillimetre Common User Bolometer Array), was installed on the JCMT, making it possible for the first time to take proper submillimeter pictures of the sky.
We went out to the JCMT to observe the remnant of Kepler's supernova and were fortunate to discover that Cas A had already been observed several years earlier, and that the data were in the JCMT archive.
Dunne and Morgan removed this contaminating signal from our JCMT images by using existing radio images to estimate how much submillimeter radiation likely came from the electrons.
Using the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (JCMT) in Hawaii, which operates at submillimeter wavelengths (between infrared and radio), observers resolved a giant ring of cold dust nearly five times the diameter of Pluto's orbit around the Sun--perhaps left over from the formation of a planetary system.