JCNIJacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation (San Diego, CA)
JCNIJacobs Center for Nonprofit Innovation (San Diego, CA)
JCNIJacksonville Carbon Neutral Initiative (activist group; Florida)
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I am thrilled to be selected to lead JCNI into its next phase of growth and know that 'leading,' in this instance, means a true hand-in-hand partnership with the residents who are transforming their community.
Prior to joining JCNI, Jones served as President of Chicago-based Steans Family Foundation, a philanthropy committed to North Lawndale, a disinvested community on Chicago's west side.
Through a network of nonprofit and for-profit partners, locally owned and national tenant businesses, a community and conference center, and a portfolio of social enterprise projects, JCNI and JFF are creating assets which will be transferred to community ownership when the foundation sunsets in 2030.