JCOEJoint Center of Excellence (US DoD)
JCOEJava Center Of Excellence
JCOEJoint Common Operating Environment
JCOEJoint Controller of Examination (India)
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Once the brigade confirmed that it could not secure a CTC rotation for the 65th Engineer Battalion, it coordinated with the Joint IED Defeat Organization's (JIEDDO's) JCOE for assistance.
JCOE in turn tasked a CMATT from Fort Bragg to assist the brigade.
To provide a foundation for staff analysis, JCOE trainers worked with brigade and BCTC planners to develop the scenario and range of historically significant activities relevant to the battalion's future area of operations.
Figure 2 lists the individual and special equipment training provided by the JCOE and CMATT.
The JCOE provided much of the required equipment and helped contract Arabic linguists for the training.
The output of the initial IPR was a memorandum of understanding between the 130th Engineer Brigade, JCOE, and CMATT that laid out all areas of training and resourcing responsibility.
To do this, the brigade planner, JCOE trainers, and BCTC staff conducted numerous IPRs to collect and analyze data from theater in the 65th Engineer Battalion's future area of operations.
The brigade staff provided OCs and was supported by staff trainers from the JCOE. The OC team, led by the brigade executive officer, conducted nightly debriefs to the brigade commander, identifying focus areas and shifting priorities for the MRE.
"Once real systems become available these will complement the real systems," said Vigus, who explained that JCOE is working with other program managers to incorporate radios, vehicle optic sensor systems, and other equipment to make the training experience even more realistic.
Emerging tactics and procedures have not yet been incorporated into the joint publications such as JP 3-09.3, Joint Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for CAS, although the UAS JCOE has recently made a submission regarding the employment of UAs in CAS.