JCPCJudicial Committee of the Privy Council (United Kingdom)
JCPCJudicial Committee of the Privy Council (UK; high court)
JCPCJuvenile Crime Prevention Council
JCPCJoint Congressional Power Commission (Philippines)
JCPCJohn Calvin Presbyterian Church (various locations)
JCPCJoint Central Processing Center
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After six years, however, JCPC officially dissolved in 2007.
JCPC also noted that some experts believe a Japanese-style charter school system already had been established, in the form of the Project Development School System (Kenkyuu Kaihatsu Gakka Seida).
By focusing almost entirely on sittlichkeit, Vaughan marginalizes the importance to Haldane of this higher "general will" and also the discursive connections between his philosophizing about "public opinion" and the JCPC rulings.
In earlier work, I have tried to show how they provide discursive keys with which to open the doors to Haldane's reasoning in the JCPC cases.
119) Chief justice of the Supreme Court of Canada and first Canadian JCPC Board member, Lyman Poore Duff, is the only person mentioned as having dined there, in 1924.
In an earlier work, Vaughan accused James Mallory of offering nothing "more than an hypothesis" when Mallory sought to explain JCPC decision making in the late nineteenth century with reference to judicial hostility to legislation for social protection.
In the course of this second successful career, Benjamin appeared before the JCPC in seven Canadian federalism cases--he won only one of these.
150) Instead, the suggestion appears to be that Benjamin would have provided helpful guidance to the JCPC in resolving federalism disputes as, Vaughan claims, "there was very little literature available on the subject of federalism for any British judge to consider even if he wished to do so.
Putting to one side the pre-1973 decisions of the JCPC (as "Canadian" cases in a very important sense); and then putting aside the pre-1973 decisions of other English courts because of their authoritative role within the English common law, we are left with less than 300 English decisions that might be thought comparable to foreign decisions; the count in Table 1 significantly overstates the "foreign" element.
If a single label captures the long-term evolution of SCC citation patterns, it would be "nationalism" (or perhaps the even more pointed "decolonization"); for every Chief Justiceship since the end of appeals to the JCPC, English citations have fallen and Canadian citations (especially but not only to the decisions of the SCC itself) have risen.
Because the Judicial Committee is a committee rather than a court, it does not render a judgment, but merely 'advises' the Queen as to the disposition of each appeal," Peter Hogg, Constitutional Law of Canada, JCPC ed.
In 1937, the JCPC dealt another blow to the labour movement by ruling that the federal government did not have the constitutional authority to implement the laws regarding basic employment standards that it had agreed to in international treaties.