JCPCJudicial Committee of the Privy Council (United Kingdom)
JCPCJudicial Committee of the Privy Council (UK; high court)
JCPCJuvenile Crime Prevention Council
JCPCJoint Congressional Power Commission (Philippines)
JCPCJohn Calvin Presbyterian Church (various locations)
JCPCJoint Central Processing Center
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Also, the document calls for the strengthening of the JCPC, due to their central role in conflict mitigation and addressing conflict drivers in the community.
We started moving the JCPC in June which had about 45 personnel working to support the Saudi-led operation in Yemen.
Aunque no aparece su nombre, se trata de un servidor publico que mientras se desarrollaban los JCPC cobraba en el Cover y, al mismo tiempo, en la Secretaria de Educacion de Veracruz como director general de Educacion Fisica estatal.
For example, in 1901 a well-known Jamaican newspaper argued that law should be "repatriated" to the Caribbean by a Caribbean Court replacing the JCPC.
Therefore, the major goal of JCPC was to build an innovative school system, utilizing the American charter school system as a guide, that not only provides educational opportunities for every child, but also addresses the unique issues Japanese education was facing.
19) Saywell, Vaughan complains, dismisses the theory that Haldane's Hegelianism was an explanatory force in his JCPC decision making.
If the JCPC was Canada's highest court of appeal for the eight decades after 1867, it can hardly be considered a "foreign" court.
The importance of the JCPC became apparent in 1900 when the new Australian constitution (drafted in Australia) reached Westminster.
Saywell presents the judicial functionaries who sat on the JCPC as men of cramped and formalistic reasoning, who could not tell the difference between ordinary statutes and broad constitutional instruments that ought to be interpreted in a manner both flexible and adaptive.
Relative to this regulatory process re-appraisal then, Gatchalian said "the JCPC will have to wait for the DOE's guidelines and frameworks on how to update the regulatory formulas that are currently used in the rates.
The Department of Energy assured the JCPC that the legal hurdles of RCOA will be settled as soon as the revised circular is approved by the Energy Regulatory Commission and signed by the DoE Secretary.
We did not dissolve the TWG of the JCPC so that it will continue to function to foresee its implementation, so we will avoid excesses or abuses," Umali said.