JCPDSJoint Committee on Powder Diffraction Standards
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2] films deposited by co-evaporation; results were analyzed based on the data reported in the JCPDS database for these types of compounds, and performing theoretical simulation of the XRD pattern with PowderCell package.
4o, indicated that the position and intensity of characteristic peaks of anatase crystal planes and was confirmed with the JCPDS file no.
A high purity of the hexagonal perovskite phase was discovered in powders calcined at 800 [degrees]C, which could be matched with JCPDS file number 00014-0033 and also, the curves of DSC analysis of ZnTi[O.
Es posible indexar dichas reflexiones a una estructura hexagonal, con parametros de red a = 3,15[angstrom] y c=12,36[angstrom], segun la carta JCPDS Nro 08-0237(Panigrahi and Pathak, 2008).
Table 1: Comparison of the JCPDS d-spacing data for SnS to experimentally observed values for the sample deposited at optimized deposition parameters.
Los diafragmas se compararon rayo x se compararon con las normas JCPDS (numero JCPDS: 79 022-ICSD).
The peaks were identified with "d" spacing and confirmed using JCPDS file also coincides well with other researchers [1,5].
The minerals were identified with reference to the JCPDS power diffraction file.