JCPSPJournal of College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan
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All 'original ar ticles' published by the JPMA and JCPSP in the year 2015 were downloaded from the websites of JPMA and JCPSP, in November 2016.
The structured abstract for original articles in JCPSP includes a sub-heading of "Study Design", which made it easier to categorize each original article.
Postgraduate Trainee Performance with Structured Assessment Techniques in Competency-Based Model of Training, JCPSP.
Journal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons--Pakistan: JCPSP (2006); 16(10) 645-47.
JCPSP had statistically significant more article errors, whereas JPMA had statistically significant more journal title and page errors.
Jamshed Akhtar from JCPSP during the discussion particularly highlighted the issue of authorship and said that many a times they receive manuscripts in which Vice Chancellor of the university or Principal of Medical College, Head of the institution is also included as one of the authors though he or she has not contributed anything.
Amin M, Ahmad B (Editorial): Dental education in Pakistan: current trends and practices, JCPSP.
Jamshed Akhtar General Secretary PAME and Editor of JCPSP who deserve to be commended and it all went very well.
As regards the number of citations which are much more important, JPMA still maintains the lead with 1,601 citations followed by JCPSP 974 citations and Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences with 650 Citations.
Journal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons-Pakistan: JCPSP 2013; 23(10):780-3.