JCQJoint Council for Qualifications (UK)
JCQJob Content Questionnaire (pyschosocial job assessment)
JCQJim Cutler Quartet
JCQJob Candidates Questions (American Political Science Association)
JCQJapan Club of Queensland (Australia)
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To assess the capacity of the psychosocial risk factors to relate to each other as predicted in theory and as has been pointed out in previous studies, we calculated the correlations and linear regressions with the general indicators of the JCQ and ERI scales, the global psychosocial risk factors (demand, control and global support), and job security as predictors of general health, mental health, vitality, stress response, and job satisfaction as criterion variables.
JCQ director general Michael Turner said: "At a national level there is very little change in this year's results but we do see educational policies continuing to have an effect on entry patterns and results at a subject level.
Son aun escasas las evidencias acerca del comportamiento de las escalas de apoyo social del JCQ, PSS14, y CESQT-PS, asi como las del modelo estructural, conformado por las variables de apoyo social, estres psicologico, ilusion por el trabajo, desgaste psiquico, indolencia y culpa, en el personal de enfermeria en Mexico y Latinoamerica.
Finally, the article on the "Assessment of Psychosocial Stressors at Work: Psychometric Properties of the JCQ in Colombian Workers" evaluates the effectiveness of this instrument developed in Spain, in the Colombian context.
Juarez-Garcia used the JCQ, a questionnaire of cardiovascular symptoms (see Juarez-Garcia, 2007) and 6 blood pressure digital monitors.
For example, one of its clients, the Australian operation of JCQ Cosmetics, a Japanese low-end makeup dealer, has been requiring for years absolutely no animal tests to accord with the "No Animal tests" labels on the packages of the products going to Australia, Wu said.
En comparacion con otros modelos y cuestionarios relacionados, la varianza aqui explicada es superior a la que consiguen explicar el JCQ, Job Content Questionnaire (Hastings et al, 2004; Karasek et al, 1998); el MBI, Maslach Burnout Inventory (Demerouti et al, 2003; Maslach & Jackson, 1986); el RSI, Reeder Stress Inventory (Reeder, Chapman & Coulson, 1968); y las escalas de mecanismos de afrontamiento y estres de Frese (1986) -por citar tan solo algunos ejemplos.
Jim Sinclair, JCQ director, told the newspaper the proposed changes were a way of stopping children from being "turned off by science.
39) The JCQ is composed of 33 questions that address job demands, job control, and social support.
Demands were measured with the JCQ scale psychological job demands; to attain satisfactory reliability, one (reverse-coded) item was deleted ('I am free from conflicting demands that others make'), yielding a four-item scale.