JCRCJewish Community Relations Council
JCRCJoint Casualty Resolution Center
JCRCJewish Community Relations Committee
JCRCJackson County Road Commission (Jackson, MI)
JCRCJunior Common Room Commitee (British universities student committee)
JCRCJapan Cycle Racing Club
JCRCJewish Circumcision Resource Center
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The JCRC is the public affairs division of the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas.
and JCRC claim to support citizens of Israel," said JVP member Lisa
The original intended beneficiaries included the Grant Support Offices at MakCHS, JCRC, IDI, MU- CWRU, and MU-JHU.
(80) 1968 International Conference of Christians and Jews, "Delegates' Evaluation"; OJA, MG8/S, JCRC, CCCJ, b.35, f.30, 1968.
In Boston, an unusually proactive and community-centered JCRC is joined by the Jewish Organizing Initiative.
(11.) Councilman Noach Dear News Release, "Dear Calls Upon Police Commissioner to Stop Pogrom," August 22, 1991, American Jewish Committee Archives, New York; Simon Schneebalg, "After the Pogrom--An Analysis and Proposal," Jewish Week, September 27-October 3, 1991; "Statement of Judah Gribetz, President, JCRC," October 29, 1992, Jewish Community Relations Council of New York Archives, New York; "Crown Heights Closure?" Forward, April 3, 1998; "The Brooklyn Pogrom," Jerusalem Post, August 26, 1991; Shmuel M.
As Burt Siegel, the head of the national association of JCRC directors, pointed out: "JCPA can't ignore that federations provide JCPA and JCRCs with resources to do what we do.
Rees led an unarmed MIA remains search team from the Joint Casualty Resolution Center (JCRC) at Nakhom Phanom Air Base in Thailand to a helicopter crash site some 20 kilometers southwest of Saigon.
The bill was drafted with the support of the Jewish United Fund of Chicago and the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC)(97) The JCRC was concerned about the terrorist links in Chicago.(98) Michael Kotzin, one of the originators of the bill, commented, "It's a cruel paradox that as peace is on the upswing, the violence has escalated."(99)
The JCRC, to join forces with the Metropolitan Opera's critics, decided to screen a three-hour made-for-TV movie from 1990 that tells the real story of Klinghoffer's death starring an old Burt Lancaster as Leon Klinghoffer.
In March 2013, members of the military-backed Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) submitted a proposal that led to the establishment of the Joint Committee for Reviewing the Constitution (JCRC).