JCRPJohnson County Republican Party
JCRPJob Creation and Retention Program
JCRPJefferson County Republican Party
JCRPJackson County Recycling Partnership
JCRPJamestown Ceramic Research Group
JCRPJournal of Clinical Research and Pharmacoepidemiology
JCRPJoint Component Registry/Repository Pilot
JCRPJoint Center for Poverty Research (Northwestern University / University of Chicago)
JCRPJoint Command Readiness Program
JCRPJapan Council of Religious Representatives
JCRPJunior Canadian Rangers Programme
JCRPJewish Cemetery Restoration Project
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Phase II of the JCRP is now being implemented, with support by European Union since March, 2014.
Suburbanites fear "radical" or "extreme" measures that would open up their schools to the riffraff from surly neighborhoods - and wash away the JCRP, because no longer would aspiring parents have to "move on up" to get their kid into a decent school.
JCRP is designed to support companies and organizations relocating in Lower Manhattan and committing to retain employees in New York City.
I am pleased we could facilitate Bowne's return Downtown through the JCRP Program and help strengthen and diversify Lower Manhattan's economy.