JCSDJurupa Community Services District (Mira Loma, CA)
JCSDJournal of College Student Development
JCSDJuniata County School District (Mifflintown, Pennsylvania)
JCSDJoint Contaminated Surface Detector
JCSDJoint Channel and Source Decoding
JCSDJamestown City School District (New York)
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The Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC) Research and Technology Directorate tested the JCSD against the chemicals on the current chemical biological mass spectrometer Block II agent list, a number of non-traditionalagents, and 10 to 12 liquid toxic industrial chemicals.
The NBC detection suite included the JCSD, the mobile mass spectrometer, a point chemical agent monitor, a chemical agent detector alarm, a radiation detection device, a navigation suite, secure communications, an area marking system, a meteorological device, and collective protection.
During the course of the CBRN Unmanned Ground Reconnaissance ACTD, the JCSD successfully completed technical and operational demonstrations and surety testing.
But, the assembled team of evaluators and observers was most impressed when the JCSD moved to hard surfaces.
The combined management team is quick to point out that the JCSD is probably capable of satisfactory performance at even greater speeds.
A member of the USARPAC Operational Management Team pointed out that "The JCSD was not simply making one detection during a run--it made multiple hits!" Over the course of a test run, the JCSD was expected to detect an agent simulant while traversing a controlled and considerably narrow spray pattern.
"If it sees something that looks suspicious, the JCSD can note the spectra of it," and notify the operator to collect a sample for further analysis, he said.
The initial JCSD laboratory model stood five to six feet tall.
The downsized JCSD is being tested, said Annunziato.
The solution involved linking the central administration site with a large support site by leveraging JCSD's existing IP network to perform remote tape vaulting.
However, the 2:1 compression ratio provided by the UltraNet Edge Storage Router allowed JCSD to consolidate voice and interactive data applications on to the same IP network so JCSD was able to cancel the costly T1 connections and rely solely on the single T3 line.
We are very happy with this backup solution." Today, mission critical data from JCSD's scattered 150 locations comes in over the WAN to the administrative center and is then electronically backed up to tape at a remote support location six miles away.