JCSIJoint Committee on Statutory Instruments (UK)
JCSIJava Crypto and Security Implementation
JCSIJapan Certification Services, Inc. (Tokyo, Japan)
JCSIJucikas Computer Services, Inc. (Stow, OH)
JCSIJames Charles Sullivan Inc. (staffing firm; Westborough, MA)
References in classic literature ?
I was induced to marry her about three years ago, although she had but very little dowry, because Monsieur Laporte, the queen's cloak bearer, is her godfather, and befriends her.
Well, Monsieur Laporte placed her near her Majesty in order that our poor queen might at least have someone in whom she could place confidence, abandoned as she is by the king, watched as she is by the cardinal, betrayed as she is by everybody.
It is time for the king to go to bed; call Laporte.
interposed Laporte, in order to turn the subject, "to whom does your majesty wish me to give the candle?
To any one, Laporte," the child said; and then added in a loud voice, "to any one except Mancini.
But Mazarin, notwithstanding this permission, instead of reading the letters, took the knife which the dying Buckingham had snatched out of the wound and sent by Laporte to the queen.
The other was that which Laporte had placed in the hands of the Duke of Buckingham, warning him that he was about to be assassinated; that communication had arrived too late.
Scarcely had he left her when the queen went into her son's room, and inquired from Laporte if the king was in bed.
Try, my dear Laporte, to make the king more courteous to Monsieur le Cardinal, to whom both he and I are under such important obligations.
Still more, formerly I used to get Laporte, my valet de chambre, to read historical subjects to me, but he put a stop to these readings, and took away Laporte from me.
If my poor Laporte were here, he would tell you that I have slept in ragged sheets, through the holes of which my legs have passed; he would tell you that afterwards, when I asked for carriages, they brought me conveyances half-destroyed by the rats of the coach-houses; he would tell you that when I asked for my dinner, the servants went to the cardinal's kitchen to inquire if there were any dinner for the king.
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