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JCSPJunior Certificate School Programme (Ireland)
JCSPJoint Contracting Support Plan (US DoD)
JCSPJava Communicating Sequential Processes
JCSPJournal of Clinical Sport Psychology (Human Kinetics Journals)
JCSPJournal of College Student Personnel (est. 1959)
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JCSP submitted a document listing ways in which the relationship between the government and CSOs could have been improved, including the matter of CSOs' access to the IMC and missing information on the CSO working space in the mass media information pack.
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(JCSP), Defense Industrial Base (DIB)--Enhanced Cybersecurity Services
As the JCSP and DEIS programmes require constant monitoring everything is measured.
The JCSP Demonstration Library Project (1) was described to us by Kathleen Moran, Senior Project Librarian.