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JCSPJunior Certificate School Programme (Ireland)
JCSPJava Communicating Sequential Processes
JCSPJournal of Clinical Sport Psychology (Human Kinetics Journals)
JCSPJournal of College Student Personnel (est. 1959)
JCSPjoint contracting support plan (US DoD)
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In this paper, the mapped genotypes were subjected to join-count spatial autocorrelation analysis, separately for each locus and for each age class, using the JCSP program written in FORTRAN (Epperson 1990), run on a Sun SparcStation LX.
Each of the librarians receives intensive training by the JCSP Support Service in literacy and language development specifically aimed at underachieving disadvantaged teenagers.
The school is a DEIS and JCSP school, both recognising the needs of children with varying difficulties.