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JCSTJournal of Computer Science and Technology
JCSTJournal of College Science Teaching (National Science Teachers Association)
JCSTJoint Committee on Surgical Training (advisory board; UK and Ireland)
JCSTJohnson Computer Software Team (Thornhill, Ontario, Canada)
JCSTJoint Committee on Specialist Training (National University of Singapore)
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Decisions to execute any action against a site ultimately rest with the JCST cell chief unless suspected sites involve external countries where action may involve political sensitivity.
Though the scope of targeting such individuals goes beyond the capabilities of the JCST cell being proposed here, the information collected would be passed on to appropriate state department, law enforcement or military officials for action.
Government and military agency personnel may quickly refute the idea of JCST as double work from what the Joint Functional Component Command-Network Warfare at NSA and other DoD CNO teams are already providing, however, few if any such cells exist that would have the necessary mix of military and Interagency expertise co-located.