JCTCCertified Job and Career Transition Coach
JCTCJoint Combined Training Centre (Australia)
JCTCJournal of Chemical Theory and Computation
JCTCJamaica Commodity Trading Company
JCTCJoint Career Transition Committee
JCTCJoint Counter Terrorism Centre (Singapore)
JCTCJobs & Career Training College (India)
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The state sanctioned a 50 percent, six-year JCTC for this project.
Consider the example of Company B, which is contemplating a major project in Pennsylvania with a combined package offer of OPG funding and JCTC worth $2,000 per new job.
The UOTF is a critical element of the JCTC capabilities being demonstrated during the TS'07 exercise," said Dianna Granum, vice president of business development for Readiness Systems and Cubic's Australasia Account Manager.
Solar participates in the JCTC program and maintains its commitment to create 30 new job positions by the end of the 2017 calendar year.
Pacific Command, with Cubic's ground combat training system, the Combat Training Capability-Live Simulation, Range Instrumentation and Information System (CTC-LIS) also playing a key role, the JCTC effort envisions networked military Live, Virtual and Constructive systems and training areas for interoperable bilateral training.
JCTC is the largest of 116 colleges forming the Kentucky Community & Technical College System.
JCTC Integration Efforts: A major effort, now underway in Australia, to integrate live training systems with virtual and constructive simulations, and also provide advanced urban operations training capability.
Joint Forces Command, the JCTC effort aims at increasing operational capability, combat readiness and interoperability between the U.
This new JCTC initiative will take air-ground training to the bilateral level -- integrating air and ground elements belonging to two countries.
Additionally, Cubic's expertise in the area of the Test and Training Enabling Architecture (TENA), the computer framework that will underpin the JCTC effort, is essential.