JCTCCertified Job and Career Transition Coach
JCTCJoint Combined Training Centre (Australia)
JCTCJournal of Chemical Theory and Computation
JCTCJamaica Commodity Trading Company
JCTCJoint Career Transition Committee
JCTCJoint Counter Terrorism Centre (Singapore)
JCTCJobs & Career Training College (India)
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The state sanctioned a 50 percent, six-year JCTC for this project.
Consider the example of Company B, which is contemplating a major project in Pennsylvania with a combined package offer of OPG funding and JCTC worth $2,000 per new job.
The JCTC program provides a refundable tax credit to support growing companies as they add jobs.
JCTC Integration Efforts: A major effort, now underway in Australia, to integrate live training systems with virtual and constructive simulations, and also provide advanced urban operations training capability.
While the state's investment package includes a $60,000 Opportunity Grant, $27,000 in CJT funds and $120,000 JCTC, the company is also eligible to apply for a $1,875,000 loan through the Citizens Job Bank program, which offers low- interest loans to companies that commit to creating or expanding jobs in Pennsylvania.
A $540,000 investment package was offered to Devon IT by DCED and includes a $150,000 Opportunity Grant, up to $50,000 in Customized Job Training (CJT) funds and $340,000 in JCTC.
25 million assistance package that included a $500,000 loan through the Machinery and Equipment Loan Fund, a $200,000 Opportunity Grant, $200,000 in JTA funds and $350,000 in JCTC.
DCED and GAT offered the company $182,000 in assistance that included a $60,000 Opportunity Grant and $122,000 in JCTC.
DCED offered AET a $967,000 funding package that includes: $500,000 MELF; $200,000 SBF; $50,000 OGP; $15,000 JTA; and $202,000 JCTC.
08 million financial package that includes: $450,000 Machinery and Equipment Loan Fund (MELF); $300,000 Opportunity Grant; $150,000 JTA; and $180,000 JCTC.
DCED offered the company a $157,000 funding package that consists of a $100,000 Small Business First (SBF) loan; a $25,000 Opportunity Grant; and $32,000 in JCTC.