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The 2017 COSI Conference was recently held in Noordwijk and proceedings from that conference will be featured in a future edition of JCTR.
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Proceedings from the conference will be featured in a future edition of JCTR.
In his introduction to this special issue, JCTR Editor-in-Chief Mark Nichols, of Ford Research Labs, notes, "These articles continue the storied tradition of innovation and research excellence that has marked the Waterborne Symposium's history.
Introduction: Waterborne coatings: continuing innovations--Mark Nichols, JCTR Editor-in-Chief
In a special issue, to be released in January 2014, the editors of JCTR collaborate with the International Society of Coating Science and Technology (ISCST) to examine fundamental aspects of how coatings are applied.
Nichols was encouraged to attend the symposium by Deep Bhattacharya, of Eastern Chemical, who serves as a technical editor of JCTR and who has also been involved with ISCST.
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Cliff is just one of many who contribute to the success of ACA publications like Coatings Tech and JCTR and educational programs like the CoatingsTech Conference.
He continues to be the go-to person to review articles for JCTR and Coatings Tech in the areas of automotive coatings, polyurethanes, rheology, corrosion, and electrocoat.
Currently a member of the ACA Publications Subcommittee, he served for many years as the chair of the JCTR Editorial Review Board and as head of the Coatings Tech Advisory Board, in addition to his role as editor.