JCUSHJoint Canada/US Survey of Health
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The means for provider visits, dental visits, and mammograms are very similar between the JCUSH and the MEPS and between the JCUSH and the CCHS.
We demonstrate that responses to questions that are conceptually similar between the two surveys (the MEPS and the CCHS) are also similar to those found in the JCUSH, which was administered in both countries at the same time.
Table 1: Comparing Health Utilization Rates between the United States and Canada Using Three Surveys JCUSH Survey Name US Canada Difference Dental visit, 0.
Although data limitations in the JCUSH prevented us from comparing immigrant composition across countries, Census data show that the United States receives more Hispanic immigrants than Canada, which receives a greater proportion of Asian immigrants (Passel and Suro 2005; Citizenship and Immigration Canada 2007; Terrazas et al.
First, due to the lack of availability in the JCUSH dataset, some important determinants were not included in the analyses, including citizenship, length of stay, language proficiency, country/region of origin, and health beliefs.