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JCVJournal of Clinical Virology (international journal)
JCVJamestown Canyon Virus (mosquito virus)
JCVJapan Club of Victoria (Australia)
JCVJaegers Cladus Validus (Finnish military simulation club)
JCVJhonen C Vasquez (game)
JCVJewish Center Vienna (Vienna, VA)
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STRATIFY JCV is an important tool used to help enable individual benefit-risk assessment for patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) who are considering treatment with TYSABRI (natalizumab) by identifying their anti-JC virus (JCV) antibody status.
Previous reports of JCV disease have focused on the ability of this virus to cause asymptomatic infection, nonspecific mild febrile illness, or severe neuroinvasive disease (4,7,10).
1] Nonstandard abbreviations: RAPD, random amplified polymorphic DNA; HMW, high molecular weight; LWM, low molecular weight; ESTC, external simulated tube control; ICSC, internal computer-simulated control; BC, block control; PT, proficiency testing; and JCV, human polyomavirus JC.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) market-authorized the STRATIFY JCV[R] Antibody ELISA testing service for the qualitative detection of JCV antibodies to help stratify risk for MS patients taking Tysabri.
Code Sequence, 5 -3 PVTMfor TCT ATT ACT AAA CAC AgC TTg ACT Pvback ggT gCC AAC CTA Tgg AAC Ag PVProbe FAM-Tgg AAA gTC TTT Agg gTC TTC TAC CTT-p (d) PV-SNFOR TCT TTA gTR gTA TAC ACA gCA AA (e) BK-FOR ACA gCA AAg CAg gCA Ag JC-FOR gAg gAA TgC ATg CAg ATC TA Nucleotides Code Assay BKV genome (a) JCV genome (b) PVTMfor TM (c) 4342-4365 4205-4228 Pvback TM 4567-4548 4427-4408 PVProbe TM, SN 4387-4313 4250-4276 PV-SNFOR SN 4307-4329 4170-4192 BK-FOR SN 4322-4338 JC-FOR SN 4299-4248 (a) Nucleotide positions are based on sequence data for the human BKV genome (GenBank accession no.
The diagnosis should be confirmed with CSF JCV polymerase chain reaction (PCR).
An ultrasensitive quantitative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) analysis found JCV DNA in the patient's cerebrospinal fluid.
06) when BKV was detected alone, but interestingly, all of the BKV isolated from urine and blood and 4 (80%) of the 5 strains isolated from renal biopsies showed 128-1 TCR architecture when associated with JCV coinfection.
It is expected that continued testing and increased awareness among health care providers of JCV as a possible cause of human disease--particularly viral encephalitis--will likely aid in the identification of additional cases in the future," she said.
Tura Magic, Challengers, Home of Good Hope, Khomas Chiefs, JCV Football Academy, Prokids, F.
JCV infects approximately one half of the adult population and, as a primary infection, is not associated with clinical symptoms.
Western Exterminator is the third US acquisition this year after JCV Ehrlich and Presto-X.