JDAIJuvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (justice system reform)
JDAIJoint-SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative) Defense-Technology Applications Initiative
JDAIJust Do an Idea (various locations)
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Casey has been involved in Oregon since 1995, where Multnomah County was one of the first "model" JDAI sites in the United States.
Beyond this, following the launch of the JDAI project, tremendous net widening appears to have occurred in Missouri.
These suggestions are my summaries of the written wisdom of Beyers, Chesney-Lind, Simon, Schaffner, Richard Wright, Fedders, Thompson, Lubow, and the JDAI work, and the whole Justice by Gender team.
Deubner, "[GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]", JDAI 15 (1900), 148-51; cf J.
Decker, JDAI 94 (1979), 600-52, for a reconstruction of the original.
Casey Foundation as it designed the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative, Judge Orlando assisted in the initial site selection process and served 20 years as a technical assistant, trainer, and advisor to numerous sites and the JDAI network generally.
281) But despite the availability of forums such as JDAI, tension between the two groups was a significant obstacle to successful implementation of new initiatives.
The risk assessment instrument is one of the first data-driven tools that JDAI stakeholders collaboratively implemented.
Kolb, 'Die Bau-, Religions- und Kulturpolitik der Peisistratiden' JDAI 92 [1977], pp.