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JDAMJoint Direct Attack Munition
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Engdhal continues, although he added: "The Navy is closely following the development and fielding of extended range variants of JDAM by our international allies although we currently do not have a requirement for JDAM-ER.
Not including unguided bombs, most of which appear to be procured for conversion to JDAMs, and small numbers of specialized bombs such as "bunker-busters," this means a total of 28,000 bombs and missiles, compared to 20,000 used against ISIL alone in 14 months.
Precision allows for emplacement patterns that can be changed prior to launch--just like any other JDAM release.
The JDAM experience clearly demonstrates the critical role of an enduring competitive environment in motivating outstanding contractor performance over the life of a program.
We are checking which of the top-of-the-line JDAMs will become available to us.
Industry has sustained us in this Long War, bringing in innovation (and assuming risk in JDAM, ROVER, and UAV production for example)
A couple months before the incident, my operations officer, a very senior lieutenant commander, had approached me and asked if I would be willing to act as the VF-101 officer in charge (OinC) for our squadron's role in upcoming GBU-38, Mk-82, JDAM testing.
But this was the first drop of a JDAM from an internal bay, rather than from an exterior rack.
Then in Tora Bora and the Zawar Kili caves, JDAM was the predominant weapon.
to ensure that the F-14D community would have the JDAM capability in time for lraqi Freedom.
This combination of the JDAM along with improved communications systems made this new mission a reality.