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JDAMJoint Direct Attack Munition
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Shortly after 9/11, the DoD quadrupled its monthly JDAM tail kit requirement from 750 to 3000.
Engdhal continues, although he added: "The Navy is closely following the development and fielding of extended range variants of JDAM by our international allies although we currently do not have a requirement for JDAM-ER."
Not including unguided bombs, most of which appear to be procured for conversion to JDAMs, and small numbers of specialized bombs such as "bunker-busters," this means a total of 28,000 bombs and missiles, compared to 20,000 used against ISIL alone in 14 months.
The Mk-82/-83/-84-series bomb bodies can be fitted with JDAM kits, which convert the weapon into a GBU-38/-32/-31, respectively.
The JDAM program reversed this trend by implementing an acquisition strategy that emphasized competition throughout its life cycle.
Recent arms deals approved by the administration include a record $60 billion plan to sell Saudi Arabia advanced F-15 aircraft, some 2,000-pound (907-kg) JDAMs and other powerful munitions.
South Korea's military, under a set of reform plans, will acquire advanced artillery-detecting radar systems and precision-guided weapons such as the Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) as part of efforts to neutralize North Korean artillery hidden in mountain caves, Yonhap News Agency reported Tuesday.
The general purpose bomb family is designed to provide blast and fragmentation effects and is used extensively in a number of configurations including laser-guided bombs, joint direct attack munitions (JDAM) and air-delivered mining applications.
Occupied Jerusalem, June 8 (Petra)-Israel recently asked the United States to supply its air force with the Joint Direct Attack(JDAM) bombs ,Haaretz daily reported Tuesday.
On January 14, 2008, the Bush Administration formally notified Congress of a proposal to sell 900 Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) bomb guidance kits to Saudi Arabia (Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) Transmittal No.
The laser version of the JDAM adds a laser seeker to the nose of the JDAM-equipped bomb, which improves its ability to accurately engage moving targets.
"For example, in Iraq we had many instances where there was a sniper firing from a rooftop and you have a squad trying to engage that target, but the Soldiers couldn't get to him with the weapons they had, so they'd call in the Air Force to drop a JDAM (joint direct attack munition)," he said.