JDCAJaguar Drivers Club of Australia
JDCAJuvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance (New York, NY)
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The growing number of people with type 1 diabetes and the medical costs associated with their disease are having an adverse impact on millions of Americans and on the nation's health care system, JDCA says.
Americans with diabetes incur medical expenses significantly higher than those without diabetes," JDCA notes.
While JDCA notes that there have been significant advances in treatments for type 1 diabetes over the past 50 years, the alliance stresses that a cure for the disease has continued to elude researchers.
JDCA says that finding a way to eradicate the disease during these patients' lifetimes is critical.
The JDCA is an independent analyst of the type 1 diabetes charitable universe and brings a business-like perspective to focus research toward a Practical Cure.
If you'd like more information about State of the Cure or to schedule an interview with the JDCA Director of Research, please call 212-308-7433 or email info@thejdca.
Even now, idealized cure research is at such an early stage of conceptual development that it is unlikely to deliver a cure in time to benefit anyone who is currently living with type 1 ," the JDCA report says, noting that many of the individual donors and organizations that are funding diabetes research expect a cure to be available much sooner.
Over the past two years, JDCA has done eight surveys of the type 1 diabetes donor community to gauge donors' expectations, priorities and attitudes about cure progress.
Many people with type 1 diabetes have been hearing that a cure is imminent since they were diagnosed, even if that diagnosis was decades ago," the JDCA report says.
Given the value and expectation placed on delivering results within the next decade, it is no surprise that donors nearly universally state that they would much prefer to fund projects that may deliver results in a shorter time line than projects that are on a much longer time horizon," JDCA says.