JDDCJackson Downtown Development Corporation (Jackson, TN)
JDDCJudicial Discipline and Disability Commission (Arkansas)
JDDCJoint Deployment and Distribution Conference
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McCallister allegedly testified in a deposition for his divorce proceeding that he didn't pay his taxes in 1995 because he didn't have the money, according to JDDC's complaint.
The JDDC said that the records and testimony appear to show that McCallister has filed no more than four tax returns in the past 22 years.
As the JDDC struggled to refine doctrinal treatment of SC, amended versions of then-JP 1-02, Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, revealed continuing efforts to clarify myriad SC activities.
Government Accountability Office highlighted "the value of distinguishing security force assistance from other security cooperation activities." (13) Soon after, the Joint Staff J7, Joint and Coalition Warfighting Directorate, conducted a front-end analysis that prompted a 2012 special study titled Security Force Assistance in Joint Doctrine "to determine the proper place and amount of doctrinal guidance on security cooperation, SSR [security sector reform], SFA, and FID." (14) Despite the eventual decision within the JDDC to develop JP 3-20, many of the deliberations captured in this special study persist.
McCallister told Arkansas Business on Tuesday that the unpaid taxes "are really not something I can discuss at this point." He said he also couldn't comment on the JDDC investigation.
Over the past several months, the Joint Staff J5 and J7 have been working closely with the JDDC to incorporate cyberspace and cyberspace operations language in joint doctrine.
The current joint doctrine campaign plan calls for the JDDC to assess and begin revising the Keystone-level Joint Publication (JP) 3-0, Joint Operations, and JP 5-0, Joint Operation Planning, in 2009.
CCJO-centric joint experimentation planned for the near term will parallel revision work on JP 3-0, and the JDDC's careful attention to the results of this work will materially reduce the "flash to bang" time for the revision.
The JDDC conducted its 42d Joint Doctrine Planning Conference (JDPC) on November 5-6, 2008, at the U.S.
In addition to the above cyberspace initiatives, the J7 and JDDC workload continues to be demanding as JP 3-24, JP 3-26, and 4-series development progresses.
The JDPC not only synchronizes the JDDC, but it also introduces some of the leading edge topics that affect today's doctrine.
The workload will continue to be demanding on the JDDC as we work on publications that are currently in or will be in revision during CY 08 (see table).