JDISSJoint Deployable Intelligence Support System
JDISSJoint Defense Intelligence Support System
JDISSJoint Data Imagery Support System
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Webster Essex, technical director for JDISS, said: "Our customers are relying on us more so today as not necessarily the physical box, but to provide a certified software that they can include on their" systems.
You may gain access to the CSIL from a web browser such as JDISS. Currently, electronic access is available only to users from Intelink (via JWICS) and Intelink-S (via SIPRNET), either directly or through NIMA's Intelink (http://diaimagery.dia.
(151.) With the Joint Distributive Intelligence Support System (JDISS), which allows the high volume transfer of digitized information such as maps, graphics, imagery, text, and full motion video over the Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communication System (JWICS), there is also not much of an operational difference either as the gatherers based on U.S.